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 We have provided you stuff more likely to make your overall results sound like 'the Experience', but have provided cue's to changes in the form of percussive signals where they are needed. Of course, songs like Wind Cries Mary have no need of this except for a count in. For example, the section of Message of Love that has no drums,now has a time keeping bass drum. All the songs are treated in this fashion if and when it's neccessary, but weve done it so it fits naturaly. Also any section that had Jimi signaling changes to Noel and Mitch that resulted in measure lenghts of 5 bars ( ! ) we've changed to 4 bars. But this only applied to out and out Live work like Voodoo Chile or stuff from the Filmore. Our treatments are almost all compromises between live and studio versions, particularly Message and Power to'. Sorry there's no Red House, it's ironic that we can't produce a twelve bar that we think is fit. Our problem is the 'Bass', which of course Noel didn't do on a bass.
About Paypal - You should feel safe using Paypal. They are all over the Internet. Remember, you are paying them, not us. We recover any money that you pay from them at a later date. They take a percentage. Paypal will have e-mailed us with a notification that you've paid, so if anything goes wrong with a download at the last moment, just e-mail us and we'll e-mail you the track.
Purple Haze______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
This is the usual arrangement, with the exception that we've put in a tight finish (1 bar staccatto E,D,E,E) instead of a fade out.       
Foxy Lady______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Wind Cries Mary______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Straight forward.        
Little WIng______BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Two versions on offer.       click here for the reasons why.        
Stone Free______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
All along the Watchtower______BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums,Strings Backing Track Only.
The Bob Dylan classic. We've put keyboards in place of the acoustic guitar, but set them quiet in the mix.        
Voodoo Chile______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
4 Hi-Hat hits then start chugging for 4 bars.Get it right and your first fretted notes in bar 5 will be in sync with the bass drum. A prominent (but not loud) crash cymbal hit is the signal for the first vocal, the same for changes into the choruses. Don't confuse them with prominent drum/cymbal work in the song proper, that accompanies other guitar changes such as Jimi's selector switch tricks.        
Wait 'till tomorrow______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
This is a straight version except the bars leading up to the fade out. For the fade out we suggest using Jimi's main melodic part from 3rd stone from the sun, (the Wes Montgomery octave's).        
Fire ______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Hey Joe ______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
A count of four and in on the silent five.        
Come On ______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
The Earle King standard. Stevie Ray Vaughn's version of this was a tribute to Jimi. Our version leans more toward the Experience than Double Trouble.       
Red House ______ BACK  
Sorry, No Red House - we'll get a version of this done eventually.
Power to Love ______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Sorry, this track has been down since we discovered bum notes in the arrangement. No one's noticed but we did. If you bought this track expect an 'update' in your mail soon.
Jimi's Band of Gypsies stuff was tricky for us to know what to do with. After all, it was extensively jammed and overlong to the point that, when mixing down, even Jimi sweated blood trying figure out how much to leave on the cutting room floor.Some say even the chopped down version on the 'live'(alledgedly Jimi later 'improved' the tracks in the studio) version is too much at almost 7 minutes long. However, the main guitar riffs and blistering opening phrasing are too good to ignore so here is our version of the bass and drums backing edited down to the best of the best at 3 minutes long. The end result is more like later studio versions.        
Message of Love ______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Same trials as with 'Power to...', so we've reassembled it at 3 minutes.       
Crossroads (Cream) ______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Some of the backing on offer on this site is still unavailable anywhere in the world. At the time we made this track Crossroads was nowhere to be found as a backing track. Search around and you can now find it. Our version has merit though.       
I Thank You (zz top) ______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
Originaly covered by Sam&Dave, this is the old Porter/Hayes song from ZZ Top's Deguelo. ZZ are masters of going in front of or behind the beat, and our version fails miserably to do either. You might be interested in our version if you like things on the beat, otherwise leave it.       
Too rollin' Stoned (Robin Trower)______ BACK   MP3 Bass,Drums Backing Track Only.
This is the main song only and we've cut it off before it goes into the one note bass extended jam.        
All but one of the tracks should present no problem in following them because its a simple count of 4 (or 8) and away we go, and the only reason we mess up the changes is if we don't properly know the arrangement of the song. With a band, pre-arranged signals indicating start - stop - or "do another 24bars" is easy, but backing tracks are set in stone, - therefore :-       For 'Little Wing', We've made 2 versions available for the following reasons. On the live version Jimi only has to keep time with himself until a roll around the drums announces the end of the instrumental 1st verse/start of the vocal verse. So for shorter Version 1 play the instrumental verse, then hit your button to start the drums and bass backing track.
If you prefer, longer Version 2 has a count of 4, then a time keeping hi-hat all the way through the instrumental 1st verse until the roll around the drums for the start of the 2nd verse. Both versions have the ending set up to sound like Jimi's LIVE version, but that just means quiet, soft pretty cymbal work that you could leave for its own sake.

Now for equipment.--- If you burn the mp3 tracks to a c.d. for use in a personal stereo c.d.player, a lot of the cheap ones will only play in sequence, don't have a pause control, are difficult to control, and wont shut up at the end of a track but automatically blast straight into the next track before you are ready. OUR SOLUTION is as follows :- we've tacked a few seconds onto the start and end of most backing tracks to give you some time to get your hand off your guitar and on to the c.d.player controls. However, most people need more time, so, assuming that you don't have mp3 editor software, we've also placed a free 10 or 15 second silence download at the bottom of the song list; if you are burning the tracks to c.d., then simply put the silence track in between each actual backing track. Because most burn editors wont allow you to burn more than one track that has the same name, remember to copy and paste and rename enough silence tracks before you start burning.   Doing all of this may seem fussy, but it's the simplest way to get control of your mp3 / c.d. player. Better still, extend the silence at the end of the track itself by using an mp3 editor; there are companies on the internet that allow free downloads with a trial period.     For even more control, get a machine with a pause button. Better still get a machine with a remote with a pause button and rig the remote so that it's allways pointing in exactly the right direction.
There are cheap 29 DVD players from places like ASDA (Wallmart ?) with a backlit display and a remote.
Get one with good solid female phonos (rather than a female mini stereo jack) for connecting to a P.A.
or Hi-FI. It probably wont have anti shock, so if you are using such a machine and playing loud, then sit the machine on foam or on a cushion, otherwise loud bass might make the c.d. jump. Lets face it, most of these machines are not designed for the kind of abuse we musicians give our gear, so use a cheap machine because they are expendable - accidentaly crush it under your amp, or have it ripped off and it's relatively easy to replace. If you discover better solutions then e-mail us. E-mail us anyway to let us know what you think.
Have fun.
     David Hughes.  
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