MUSIC from Sabre Art©

  MUSIC from Sabre Art©/David Hughes Art               

      Voodoo Chile Backing Track     4.90

            bass and drums only
    BEFORE clicking the BUY NOW button read this stuff :-
            When you have downloaded the file you must right click it and rename the file extention from  
.mp   to   .mp3     WHY? this is to prevent some Windows Media Players from recognising it as an mp3 and hijacking the download, some players will dump the backing track WITHOUT saving it.
    About PAYPAL - Remember to click the link Return to merchant (bottom left) on the final PAYPAL page. Only then will you be presented with a file download Dialogue box saying   "open" or "save".   Click "save".
(also - they may hit you with an "open a PAYPAL account" page that looks compulsory
but isn't. Ignore it unless you want to open an account)
If you mess it up don't worry, just e-mail us at   and we'll send you the track as an atachment because if you've paid, then PAYPAL automatically sends us an e-mail confimation that just has your e-mail address and price.